Food by Tisch Crew
We are happily providing you tasty juicy deliciousness throughout the Festival. As we are depending on our sales to cover our staffs salaries as well as our suppliers from farmers to delivery people and more, we kindly ask you to refrain bringing food on the Festival Site. We aim to keep prices affordable for everyone, without sacrificing quality or working conditions in the process. For keeping our ecological footprint small, we provide reusable plates, with a deposit, please bring them back after use to keep the circle full and our kitchen stocked. Of course you can bring your own plates too. We moreover kindly ask if you can bring your own cutlery or your own cup, you are more than welcome to use those as well, otherwise we have some cutlery (also with a deposit) available. For any special needs in terms of allergies, beyond needing vegan, lactose free, without gluten, soy or nuts, please contact info@tisch.wien directly if you want us to be able to provide options for you.


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