at Festival of Sensations

how to apply as a volunteer

Festival of Sensations won’t be possible without your help! If you’d like to look behind the scenes of the festival and become a volunteer, please fill out our regular application form first and tick the box “I’d like to volunteer!”. After your application is approved, we’ll contact you with more details.

Volunteering will be possible in the following areas:


You’ll be helping in the kitchen under professional guidance, preparing food for the team and your fellow volunteers (~100 people). Experience with preparing large quantities of food is a plus, but everyone who likes to cook is welcome!


In addition to our professional on-site conflict resolution team, you’ll be there if participants need someone to talk to or just sit with them. Previous experience with holding space for people in distress, for example as part of an awareness team, would be great, but everyone will receive a (mandatory) online training for this position before the event, so we’re all on the same page.


As a co-creator, you’ll be making sure everything runs smoothly behind the curtains by taking care of the workshop spaces & stages, supporting facilitators and performance for any last minute changes, and making sure the festival area stays neat and shiny. Depending on your experience and motivation, you can also host small activities (like the costume corner, body painting etc.) or assist in workshops if needed.


You’ll be one of the first faces your fellow participants will see upon arriving at the festival site: At the entrance and parking area, checking tickets and handing out wristbands, at the info point, managing the lost & found… and probably lots of small tasks that will come up spontaneously. Needless to say you should somewhat enjoy talking to people and keep your work area organized and tidy.


(Yes, we’re really proud of that name! :D) Under professional guidance, you’ll be at one of our bars serving delicious and refreshing non-alcoholic drinks as well as coffee and tea to our guests. Previous bartending or barista experience would be amaaazing, but if you’re a quick learner and always wanted to stand behind a bar, this is your chance!


If you’d like helping with decoration and have some technical/crafting skills, we’d love to have you as a member of our build & strike crew. You should be available 1-2 days prior and/or after the festival.

Volunteer ticket deposit

Please consider that you’ll need to purchase a volunteer ticket (100€) in order to volunteer. After completing your shifts, you’ll be refunded the full deposit after the festival. Please note that if you cancel at the last minute (after August 17), don’t show up to your shifts or only to some of your shifts, you will not receive a refund.

If you cannot afford to pay the deposit, please get in touch with us, we will find a solution! 

For any other volunteer related questions or feedback, contact us via volunteer@festivalofsensations.com.


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