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About Loslassen Verein

Festival of Sensations is officially run by the non-profit art and culture association Loslassen (“Letting Go”.) Our team aims to bring together a range of marginalized groups (LGBTQI+ community, BIPoC, disabled people, people with migration and/or refugee background). We are convinced that queer art does not have enough space (yet), but due to its emancipatory character it makes the world a better place. 

Conceived by the organizing team of several events (The Parallel Universe, The Intimate Revolution, Lighthouse Festival), the event connects sustainability, art and the queer community. Now they want to combine their knowledge and commitment and implement this unique concept. 

Since 2017, we have been creating “The Parallel Universe” events in Hainburg and Berlin – to letting go of taboo and sometimes shameful social norms and conventions in a safeR setting.  www.loslassen.org 


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Sara Ablinger

Wild sensual embodiment


Sara Ablinger is a Vienna based bodyworker and workshop facilitator specialised in body positivity, radical self-care & self-love, consent culture, intimacy and conscious sexuality. Bringing Big Body Love to Austria and Europe, she creates spaces of empowerment, authenticity, connection, pleasure and healing, focussing on the empowerment and participation of marginalised bodies such as queer, fat, disabled bodies.

wild sensual embodiment you are body. you are earth. you are water. you are blood. you are breath. you are soul. this workshop aims to ground and connect you to yourself, the senses, the body as well as all those around you. feel your aliveness through breath and movement. become present. sharpen your senses through body awareness and mindful self touch. paint your embodiment onto your skin with body paint. take up all the space you deserve. show yourself in all your colors. let yourself be witnessed with the body you come in. let’s meet each other as the creative, wild and sensual beings we are. in your unique body. with your individual expression and speed. fully present, fully alive connection to others is true intimacy. welcome body, welcome you! workshop will include: breathing and mindfulness exercises, movement / expression / dance with or without music, body painting, witnessing / looking at each other sequence, solo / pair / group exercises, you can wear as much or little as you like (body painting is excluding the genitals due to sanitary reasons) – I suggest an extra pair of underwear if it gets paint on it

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lian  /  marek

Lian and Marek

Playfight + Sensual Yoga

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Lian lives and works in Vienna as a physiotherapist, yoga teacher, and activist mostly around the topics of Body/Sex Positivity, Consent and FLINTA* Empowerment through means of dance and theatre. She accompanies people in different phases of life and supports them to reach their (physical) goals, increase their quality of life, and feel comfortable, strong, and pleasurable in their bodies.

Marek works as a rhythmician/music and movement educator in a therapeutic setting and as a consultant in the fields of environmental education, social counseling, and violence prevention. His MA thesis “Awareness through Discomfort” was published as a book by the Department of Peace Studies and Conflict Transformation at the University of Innsbruck. He also performs as a singer/songwriter, actor, puppeteer and dancer, and facilitates workshops in the areas of Consent, Sex and Body Positivity.

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