3 Day Festival Pass


Included in the 3 Days Festival Pass :  

A unique Festival experiance with more than 40 queer musicians, artists, workshop facilitators and performers from all over Europe.

Donation based camping



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We offer a wide sliding scale depending on your individual access to money and wealth. Our sliding scale is an intentional effort to distribute resources equitably and create a more inclusive space. On our website you can find a small guide on how to assess the price for your ticket. -> www.festivalofsensations.com/application/ 

For the 3 Day Ticket if you :  

      • …answered no to (almost) all questions, pay between €140-170 or consider booking a reduced ticket. 
      • …answered yes and no relatively equally, pay between €170-220 for the 3 day festival pass.
      • …answered yes to (almost) all questions, pay at least €220 for a 3 day festival pass to support the attendance of people with less financial privilege. Feel free to make a donation to the association if you want to support more.

💸 You can adjust your individual ticket price directly in the checkout by adding the respective amount in the “top up” section. The price is currently set at a minimum of 140€ please add your sliding scale top before you checkout. We trust you!

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